Arcadia limits parking, paving

The city of Arcadia has set limits on how much of a residential lot may be covered with a hard surface, and outlawed parking vehicles on unpaved front or side yards.

In other ordinance action last Wednesday, the council upped the legal smoking age from 18 to 21 to bring it into compliance with new federal laws.

The new city ordinance on hard surfaces on single-family residential lots limits to 40 percent of the portion of a lot that may be covered by gravel or other paving material. Only 25 percent of a front yard may be paved. For multi-family residences, the paving maximum is 60 percent.

The ordinance also regulates fences. Among the restrictions is one limiting their height to six feet and another requiring the unfinished side of a fence face the fence-owner’s property.

Violations of the new ordinance forbidding parking vehicles on unpaved portions of a lot will be written against the registered owner of a vehicle, and each day will count as a separate violation.

The council also heard from former member Todd Fetsch that though city crews are working on Arcadia’s ice rink, it is not skateable. He asked that the council consider including in the next budget equipment that could keep the surface of the rink smoother.



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