Sheriff's Log - February 26, 2020

Trempealeau County Sheriff's Department Weekly Log

Wednesday, Feb. 12

07:47 – Arcadia: Caller is having ongoing issues with a person pushing snow across the road. 

09:40 — Arcadia: Disorderly student. 

10:03 — Arcadia: A young male dressed in all black came to the caller’s door asking for a ride. 

10:33 — Arcadia: Caller reported a person is driving in the wrong lane of traffic and telling people to stop because he is being chased. 

12:53 — Whitehall: Two alerts received from a phone. 

13:35 — Blair: Two-car accident in the parking lot. 

15:56 — Eleva: Caller reported an accident; doesn’t know what is going on. 

17:00 — Strum: A possibly suicidal female reported.

17:20 — Osseo: A male is running around inside the store wearing only a towel. 

18:11 — Blair: Caller would like to speak to an officer. 

19:14 — Galesville: Car went into the ditch. Caller doesn’t know if anybody is injured. 

20:46 — Whitehall: Report of a snow drift across the roadway. 

Thursday, Feb. 13

00:11 — Whitehall: Caller wants to report an assault that happened to his ex-wife when she was a child. 

06:04 — Galesville: Caller reported seeing a vehicle in the ditch. Nobody is injured. 

07:59 — Galesville: Caller backed into another vehicle yesterday. 

08:43 — Strum: Caller hit a deer; the deer took off. 

09:34 — Osseo: Caller attempted to get his semi back and a subject threatened to hit him. 

10:16 — Independence: City hall received a complaint of a dog outside with no shelter. 

10:39 — Galesville: Caller did some work for a person who is now threatening him and not willing to give equipment back. 

14:00 — Independence: A dark gray car is passing people unsafely and in no-passing zones. 

17:07 — Osseo: Caller reported a social media scam. 

20:43 — Arcadia: A male was kicked out of the house by his girlfriend. 

Friday, Feb. 14

04:05 – Galesville: A car is parked in the parking lot and running with a male inside. 

05:27 — Trempealeau: Disabled vehicle reported. 

06:37 — Galesville: A deceased deer is in the middle of the roadway. 

07:31 — Galesville: A truck broke down in the turn lane. 

08:59 — Osseo: A disabled semi has triangles out, but is still blocking the driving lane. 

09:52 — Osseo: A truck is stopped in the lane of traffic. 

10:46 — Arcadia: Caller is being tailgated by a semi. 

13:29 — Ettrick: Caller reporting a vehicle that has been parked along the road for about eight hours. 

14:36 — Galesville: A power pole on the corner looks like it is about to break off. 

16:55 — Strum: Caller reporting a juvenile that is out of control. 

16:57 — Galesville: Semi almost struck a vehicle while they were passing another semi. 

17:22 — Ettrick: A subject is at the residence acting psychotic.  

18:40 — Strum: Daughter’s boyfriend threw a punch at the caller’s husband. 

19:15 — Eleva: Someone is threatening the caller. 

22:14 — Osseo: Underage drinking party reported. 

Saturday, Feb. 15

03:07 — Eleva: Milking parlor and utility room are filled with smoke. Caller doesn’t see any flames. 

10:17 — Blair: A semi tire is in the road. 

17:15 — Independence: One-vehicle rollover reported. 

20:02 — Strum: Caller is trying to get the keys to her son’s car from someone, but no one is coming out of a residence. 

21:43 — Whitehall: Caller is removing a bobcat from the road. 

22:27 — Eleva: A vehicle is on the shoulder of the road with no lights on. 

22:42 — Whitehall: Caller reporting a possibly-impaired driver. 

Sunday, Feb. 16

03:58 – Independence: A male walking on a county road appears to be shuffling and staggering. 

04:35 — Blair: Clerk reporting someone came in saying they could see a fire by the restaurant. 

06:51 — Blair: Caller backed out of their driveway and hit their neighbor’s car. 

09:50 — Galesville: Male is having a seizure. 

15:20 — Arcadia: Caller reporting an accident in the parking lot. 

16:25 — Galesville: A female is having difficulty breathing. 

16:42 — Galesville: Caller would like a welfare check done on a male. 

18:56 — Arcadia: Caller reporting an injured deer in the lane of traffic. 

21:31 — Trempealeau: Report of a black truck all over the road. 

Monday, Feb. 17

04:12 — Osseo: Caller requesting state patrol regarding suspicious activity seen with a vehicle. 

05:24 — Independence: Report of a pony in the caller’s yard. 

08:37 — Galesville: A pickup truck died by the caller’s driveway. 

15:41 — Whitehall: Someone is running in the street and people are chasing him. 

16:16 — Trempealeau: Vehicle slid off the road and struck a tree. 

18:50 — Galesville: Caller hit a deer and the deer ran off. 

20:05 — Osseo: Passerby reported a car hit a deer and it appears the deer is still alive. 

21:37 — Blair: A mini van slid into the ditch. 

23:25 — Blair: Caller just drove through the area and believes a male and female were “going at it” fighting in the parking lot. 

Tuesday, Feb. 18

04:19 — Arcadia: A delivery truck with a double trailer can’t make it up the Arcadia ridge. 

05:31 — Arcadia: Report of a car stuck on a hill. 

05:43 — Osseo: Report of a straight truck rolled over in the median on the interstate. 

08:02 — Osseo: The dumpster in the back of the building is on fire. 

08:40 — Strum: Car hit a semi; no injuries reported. 

09:04 — Independence: Caller is reporting a vehicle in the ditch. 

09:09 — Whitehall: Caller reported a female is yelling for help and a male is screaming. 

10:26 — Whitehall: A male subject walking from the hospital has shown aggressive behavior and refused to do a drug test. 

13:51 — Galesville: Officer requested dispatch to call a person in reference to an issue at Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High School. 

15:49 — Eleva: An uncooperative anonymous caller reported a scam. 

17:02 — Whitehall: An occupied dark-colored van is in the ditch. 

17:29 — Arcadia: Officer reported a car parked in the wayside with smoke coming from under the hood. 

17:31 — Strum: An accident in a parking lot reported. The caller tried to avoid another accident, but struck another car. 

17:56 — Arcadia: Buffalo County requested a call from a deputy as they are out with a domestic incident that is not ongoing. 

18:33 — Strum: A juvenile is at the caller’s home and has a no contact order with her son. 

20:17 — Arcadia: Report of three people fighting. 

21:31 — Osseo: Caller went off the road and thinks his back and elbow are injured. 

Wednesday, Feb. 19

06:25 — Independence: Highway truck was rear-ended, the driver has injuries.



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