Whitehall Lions Club donates to businesses

The Whitehall Lions club has announced the giving of over $6,000 to businesses and organizations who have been forced to shut down or change their business methods due to the corona virus epidemic.  

“We wish we could do so much more, but we have limited resources”, said Queen Lion Deb Tidquist, president of the Whitehall Lions Club.  “We were discussing what we could do and decided this was at least something.”

Tidquist said that this program is one example of how the Lions help the community.

“People now know where some of their money goes when they buy our burgers and brats, purchase our calendars and play Bingo,” Tidquist said. 

The club announced that it still plans to have the burgers and brat sales this summer, at some point.  However, safety dictates holding off for awhile.  The next one is scheduled for July 24 although a site has not been chosen.  Melby Park, the normal location is closed, so the club will be moving the event if it is held.

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