Mega! Co-op closes Galesville store, Arcadia remaining open



One of the two Mega! Co-op Holiday convenience stores in Trempealeau County has closed its doors after the company filed for bankruptcy recently.

In a press release sent to the Times last week, the company announced that it would close 13 of its 31 stores, but would not lay off any employees. 

“As a local cooperative, we believe that our members and our team members are our most important assets and as such, the Co-op is committed to ensure that any team member currently working at a location that is closing will be offered a position at one of our remaining 18 locations,” said Mike Buck, an officer of the Co-op. 

While the company did not announce which stores would close, the Galesville location was removed from the list of stores on its website and has subsequently closed. 

The store in Galesville was not connected to the Randy’s Neighborhood Market grocery store. At one point, both stores were owned and operated by Gordy’s Market. Gordy’s also owned the stores in Arcadia, however, it exited the convenience store business after a 2016 deal with Mega! which gave Gordy’s possession of Mega! Co-op’s grocery stores and Mega! possession of the convenience stores that had been operated by Gordy’s. With that deal, Gordy’s also took possession of the grocery store in Whitehall. 

The grocery stores were later bought by Randy’s, while the convenience stores continued to operate under Mega Co-op’s ownership. 

The Arcadia Co-op is one of just five that is not located in either Eau Claire or Chippewa Falls.  The Co-op anticipates uninterrupted operations at the remaining 18 stores during the restructuring process. 

 “The Co-op believes that the remaining 18 locations will continue to serve our community and Cooperative members,” said Buck. “Our members can expect to continue receiving the many benefits that the Co-op offers and as we look forward, can expect that the Co-op will continue to identify ways to enhance the cooperative member benefits.” 

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