Letters to the Editor — Aug. 30 Edition

To the Editor:

Mr. Cantlon, you’ve lost your touch, you don’t criticize Democrats the way you usually do.

Have you gotten caught up in all of Trump’s problems so you’ve lost your way? Thirty-seven indictments are a lot to handle, even for Trump. He says he will make America great again, do you think that involves including the whole country? What do you think Mr. Cantlon? You seem to have all the answers. 

Trump will find some way to slither out from all of these problems because that’s what sneaky snakes do. Mr. Cantlon, I did watch the Republican debate like you said I should and found it entertaining. I think my choice will be Chris Christie. He doesn’t like Trump, so that will make a perfect flop you Trumpers. 

If you have a problem at the next election, maybe Trump will help you out with some indictments. He seems to be good at it.

Andy Engen,


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