Letters to the Editor April 21, 2021 Edition

To the Editor:

Associated conservation club of Trempealeau County, which is really some men who like to deer hunt. Why get all excited that federal legislation might pass laws to require background checks to purchase guns, stop the sale of military assault weapons and allow the court system to take away guns from people showing threats to other people? So, as a deer hunter, you would likely pass all these requirements and have your guns.

As a side note, it’s interesting that some people think we have to register and prove citizenship just to vote, but it’s not OK to know who owns guns. Is freedom to vote different from freedom to own a gun?

Poll surveys keep showing 65 percent of people want more gun control. The National Rifle Association keeps giving reelection money to legislators of both parties, so it is unlikely any gun control ever becomes law.

We have a lot of hate, greed and power control in our society, and more guns doesn’t seem to solve our problems. Racism and money affect our behavior and we keep building more prisons to fix it.

Then there is the issue to defund our police because they kill too many people, rather than stop the crime before shooting. Can you blame police for shooting first if everybody has a gun?

Police are hired to enforce our laws, but we expect them to settle domestic abuse, control people high on drugs or wanting to commit suicide. These issues need the help of counselors and social workers working with police departments.

Some agencies are suggesting we use some policing funds to help treat and educate the offenders rather than just put everybody in jail.

Robert Scharlau,



To the Editor:

I must respond to Zac Bellman’s article on April 14, 2021.

He said Georgia Republicans unleashed a 98-page laser guided missile on voting rights. The Democrats are playing the racial card again saying blacks won’t be able to vote. They have drivers’ licenses if not they can get a free ID at the DMV.

How about the 1.9 trillion-dollar covid relief bill, only 9 percent is for covid. All the rest goes for democrats spending, such as $100 million for Pelosi for a tunnel in San Francisco; billions for infrastructure in Silicon Valley.

Just a couple of examples of the items they are ramming down our throats. They the Democrats still blame Trump for the border crisis, what a joke, just ask VP Harris she will just laugh. By the way where is Pelosi? Not one word about incompetent Biden, but Trump was every week he was in office. If you didn’t like what Trump said get over it, and if your feelings are hurt get over it.

Democrats have forgotten JFK’s motto “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. This country was built on hard working American’s not radical socialism. Hope you’re happy with higher taxes, and fuel. America was much better off the last four years.

Dean Olson,



To the Editor:

I have been trying to write this letter for four weeks now, but I haven’t been able to get it done. You know why? Because my family needs daycare.

Let me begin by saying that we have received great care from our in-home daycare providers and are thankful for them. However, our daycare providers need time to take care of themselves and their families.  When they need to take that time, parents are left in a lurch; this isn’t anyone’s fault, it’s the nature of the beast.

For the past several weeks my husband and I have been run off our feet between juggling our jobs and our children. We’ve tapped all of our support (and we are fortunate enough to have a deep bench), but there’s still not enough daycare.

I want a daycare center in Whitehall or Pigeon Falls or somewhere in between. A licensed, well-run, daycare center in Whitehall would benefit everyone.  A daycare center can provide continuity of care, it could create good jobs, and support working families. Run the right way (by that I mean providing routine, structure, activities that teach, decent food), we would have the opportunity to build our community up by starting little kids off right. 

Heck, people are always asking why people don’t want to move here and stay here: daycare is part of the puzzle. This area has a lot to offer and there is abundance here. I wouldn’t have come back home if there wasn’t.

I don’t want to run a day care because I love being a librarian, but I will help whoever wants to start. If you want it to be a non-profit, I know how to file for a 501 c 3 status. If you want to write a business plan, I know where you can find books about that. I’ll serve on your board. I have been successful at writing grants, I’ll help you with those.

As a librarian, I’m open to bringing library service to daycares!  It could be a co-op, it could be a forest school, it can be private, it could be any great multitude of things; if you are willing to nurture children, teach them, and take the best possible care of them, I will help you. I know my family is not alone in facing this problem, let’s fix it!


Amanda Hegge,

Pigeon Falls


To the Editor:

If the county board and sheriff want to know if residents support the

proposed “Second Amendment” resolution, they should put the full text on

their website along with a description of how the laws will (or won’t) be


They have only gotten letters in support because only the ones

presenting it know what it says.  Also, if the club endorsing this could

explain what body armor has to do with conservation that would be


George Bartels,


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