Letters to the Editor March 16, 2022 Edition

To the Editor:

The newest rage is inflation. The Republicans say its Biden’s fault because we spent too much stimulating jobs. 

Inflation is based on rising prices of energy and food as compared to wage increases. Energy, food and health care prices are controlled by mega corporations that control the supply, processing and marketing of these services. Mega corporations have enough power and money to lobby all public policy makers to avoid any government intervention into interfering with their monopoly control of our economy. 

The standard response by both political parties is to complain about monopolies, then assign task forces to investigate and propose regulatory changes, but never implement legislation to fix or change the issue. It is just too easy for both political party legislators to take the corporate donations, to keep getting reelected and passing laws to benefit Wall Street banks, fossil fuels, pharmacy, insurance or anything that controls our economy. We have lost the power of one person, one vote and now we have one dollar, one vote. The wealthy can buy all the candidates for every election and it makes no difference who gets elected because money will control whoever wins and what our government does.

What I see is a total collapse coming of our government leadership to provide goods, services and employment to the bottom 99 percent of our population. I’m afraid we’ll get so divided that it will result in a revolution of extreme violence fed by racism, gun control, immigration, poverty, homelessness and wars. Maybe climate change will control our future, as we pollute our air, water and soil. It is possible for humans to go extinct and then the earth can heal itself. So if that’s what you want, then what things will you do to serve our democracy and/or planet? 

You can respond by your letters to the editor. We still have the freedom to express our opinions.

Robert Scharlau,



To the Editor:

An important election for our children is coming. Some members of the G-E-T school board want your children to live in fear and be taught they are either racist or a victim solely on the color of their skin. Parents need to stand up and vote for new leadership.

I have heard about Critical Race Theory (CRT) but thought I don’t need to worry about that here. I was wrong. My second grader’s teacher sent a letter home. Her anti-racism emphasis “Children will be empowered and encouraged to break the silence and join the movement for change.” 

The only movement I want my children joining at school is the movement to learn math, reading, etc. She also stated the district had mandatory development on social justice. Now I am hearing introducing DEI (diversity, equality, inclusion) is being discussed for our school. These principles are either CRT or closely related. If we don’t stop this, our children will be taught, they are racist, or a victim solely based on their skin color. And the only solution is abandon our founding documents and the capitalist system. 

I teach my kids to judge a person on the content of their character not the color of their skin. Even if you believe in CRT you shouldn’t want it taught in schools. CRT and other “anti-racism” teachings have hurt the education of minorities. Chris Stewart, CEO of education think tank Brightbeam, crunched the numbers and reluctantly found one solid correlation: The more progressive the city, the worse the achievement gap. “We tried to explain it away” by controlling for population size, percentage of white students, spending, income inequality, and poverty rate, “but we couldn’t.” The average gap between blacks and whites proficient in math is 41% in progressive cities and 26% in conservative ones. Teaching CRT hurts all races.

Schools have relaxed mask mandates. But don’t be fooled mandates are not over. Some of our board want masks indefinitely. However, stats do not back that belief up. Comparing states with the strictest school mask mandates versus states with no mandates shows no difference in children’s health.

According to CDC, numbers regarding child health in these states are functionally equal; an outcome which reflects the fact the pandemic, over two years, has had no statistical impact on child mortality rates. Some will say masks slow the spread. In most cases, neighboring counties across the country that have differing mask mandates in schools have almost identical covid cases among children. Since the beginning of the pandemic educational levels have dropped. Suicide and self-harm have risen. It’s time to let children live life without fear of something that statistically they don’t need to be afraid off.

It is time for change on the G-E-T school board. Let’s not allow them to force our children learn in fear. Let’s not allow our school board to determine our children’s belief system. This April we have two choices: Vote for fear and indoctrination or vote for freedom and education. Choose wisely.

Bradley Schank,



To the Editor:

I envision the energy policy of the United States in this way.

Imagine a man sitting next to Lake Superior dying of thirst.  For reasons known only to himself, he refuses to go over to the lake and drink the water that is so available.  Yet as he is dying for lack of water, he begs for water from anyone who would sell him some, no matter the price.  

Whenever someone tells him that water is only steps away, he berates them and calls them names, then goes back to begging for water, no matter the price.

Maybe, just maybe, the friends of this man, you know, the ones who voted in this administration, would go talk to him and convince him he only needs to go to the lake and drink.  He would solve the problem of his thirst.

I would do it, but myself and others have been berated and called names.  The man won’t listen to us.  He will trust his friends and probably listen to you all.  

Be a friend and help this man.

Albert Joyce,



To the Editor:

This letter is in response to Lois Neperud’s letter in the paper dated February 23, 2022.

Our family received the same letter after reserving and paying in advance for Melby Park. An increase of 25 percent after the fact may be legal and a normal business practice, but smells bad!

I mailed a check for this 25 percent increase and a letter regarding it, but never received a reply.


Irene Stutlien,



To the Editor:

Last week in celebration of Music In Our Schools Month, Blair-Taylor School hosted “Couleeland Co-op Mega Band”. 

I was able to attend this wonderful event. I wish to thank the band directors from Blair-Taylor, Melrose-Mindoro, Arcadia, Galesville-Ettrick-Trempealeau, and Cochrane-Fountain City for organizing the concert. Congratulations to the students in their performances of their individual concert pieces and the two combined pieces. 

It was truly amazing to hear all five groups under the direction of the five band directors produce a harmonious sound.

Beth Killian,


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