Letters to the Editor -- Oct. 13, 2021 Edition

To the Editor:

When right is right, you just know it.

The Trempealeau Times wouldn’t allow me, because of policy, to promote a specific political candidate through their letters to the editor section. So like a fun puzzle, you will have to use your critical thinking skills, ready?

A virtuous man of integrity to represent the 3rd District of Wisconsin. From the very first time I met the man, I knew he was the type of person I felt confident voting for to represent me. 

I grew up the youngest son of a jet fighter pilot of the Korean war. This wasn’t always easy, my dad was extremely calculated and he never let an opportunity pass by to instill the strong values of being a dedicated American citizen. He served as president for 12 years on our local school board. Looking back now I believe my dad would have made a great servant of the people in higher office.

Who is running for Congress this time that has these same qualities?

Our country is being forced to endure horrific changes, caused by a group of politicians that, quite frankly, are really rotten at their jobs. Everything they are touching lately is failing and we are paying for it. These changes are stretching America’s fabric to the brink of tear. 

Remember earlier when I mentioned critical thinking, well, this is an example of me attempting to use my wordsmith skills again. There is only one best candidate running who will help keep our great country from ripping itself apart. If retiring Ron Kind was capable of being truthfully honest, instead of party loyal, I think he secretly would agree with me. 

I just sealed up another contribution envelope, this time giving until it

hurt a little.

The 3rd District deserves a calculated, critical thinker to represent us like

my dad was. With only a small sliver of hope left, America can be saved.

There are plenty of fine examples in history of failed attempts of socialism, why isn’t this administration learning from these mistakes? I’ve heard the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Democrat Socialism and Marxism simply don’t work.

Please show up to vote next year, our country as a Republic is depending on it.

Dana B. Auer,



To the Editor:

Please accept my letter of resignation from county board. The reason is I have moved out of district one. I wish to thank everyone involved in the day-to-day operations of Trempealeau County. I have enjoyed my time on the board while at times it was very challenging. I believe there needs to be some changes made to the county board:

• There needs to be term limits.

• The number of supervisors needs to be reduced. Nine to 11 members is adequate.

• There needs to be a county administrator. Someone to oversee the day-to-day operations.



Rick Nemitz,


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