Letters to the Editor Sept. 13, 2023 Edition


To the Editor:

My daughter started middle school at G-E-T this year.

In reviewing the school library, the librarian has a list of 110 LGBT items. Searching “Supreme Court” there are eleven results.  That means my eleven-year-old has a 10x better chance of picking a book with sexual content than one about the supreme court. 

Of those eleven books, five are about specific justices.  All five are about liberal judges.  Not one book on Sandra Day O’Connor, Clarence Thomas or Amy Coney Barrett, three American success stories.  Our kids don’t need to read about the first woman to make it on the highest court, being black and going from poverty in the segregated south to the highest court, or that you can be a mother and still reach the pinnacle of your profession.  The library only cares about black or woman success stories if the person thinks the “right way”.  

But don’t worry if your child wants a book on a black leader they can check out books by Kendi Ibram.  If you don’t know who that is he is a leader in critical race theory (something I was told last year isn’t in the school).  A man who thinks the way to remedy past discrimination is with present discrimination. In short, he believes in discriminating against white people. 

So, our library says yes to Queer Ducks and modern day racists, but no to Supreme Court Justices with inspirational stories. This is your school library in 2023. When I asked the librarian where the diversity in thought was in the school library, I got no answer.  Apparently, you can’t question why the school library is trying to push an agenda. 

Parents need to contact the school and school board members and demand diversity of thought in our library. I know most of the teachers are great at their job, but I wish more would stand up and say less indoctrinating kids and more math, reading, writing, and science.

Margaret Mead said it best “children must be taught how to think, not what to think”.

Brad Schank,



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