Letters to the Editor Sept. 20, 2023 Edition

To the Editor:

I would like to comment on two of the “Letters to the Editor” in your September 6, 2023 issue. 

The letter from Tom Stoner was, of course, his opinion and while he did touch on facts his overall comments were not factual.  Ironically,  his statement “We look more like China and Russia every day,” rang true with me because I made similar comments to people when Trump was president.  I worried that Trump was going to plunge us into civil war by his actions and policies.  Former President Trump has already said he will get those who come after him, if that doesn’t sound like he will spy on, intimidate, and jail those who don’t agree with him, I don’t know what does.

Here is what I see as one of the major problems with Tom Stoner’s letter.  I know that if our democracy is to survive we must trust in our justice system.  I would fully support an investigation, and if warranted indictments, of President Biden.  But thus far there is no evidence of President Biden doing anything illegal.  If he had “91 felonies” charged against him, as does former President Trump, then by all means indict him.  I must trust the justice department to do their job, because no one is supposed to be above the law in the United States, (unlike China and Russia).  Criminal charges are not convictions and we all should wait and see, without going rogue, what happens over the next several months.  

My next comments regard the letter from Deanne Sczepanski.  Again her letter is her opinion and mostly not factual.  But the gist of the letter is that Drag Queens are destroying our children.  Well, as with so many things involved in childrearing it comes down to the responsibility of the parents to raise their children in ways that they feel is correct and protect them from what they believe is harmful.  There have been Drag Queens for all of history.  I’m sure there were drag shows when I was growing up but I can’t remember them.  Probably because my parents either explained the behavior away or just ignored my questions if I had any.

People complain about government interfering in their lives but only if they don’t agree with the interference.  Here is a case where Ms. Sczepanski wants the government to interfere in other’s lives for no good reason.  Take care of your home and kids as you wish, leave others alone if the behaviors are not illegal.  

Phillip Bunton,



Dear Editor:

Is there anything in life that isn’t taxed into oblivion? The biggest scam in life is paying taxes on the money we make, paying taxes on the money we spend, and taxes on the things we own that we already paid taxes on, with already taxed money. How did we let things get this bad?.......#EndtheFed.

Bob Howard


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