Letters to the Editor: Sept. 6, 2023 Edition


To the Editor:

Who wears helmets? Military combat, football, hockey, construction workers and race car drivers. So, what about bicycles, minibikes and motorcycles?

I suspect no one had a helmet on for the annual Wounded Veterans charity ride because, to be a tough guy you need to show that only weak people wear helmets. That’s part of the idea, I have freedom to do as I wish.

Another issue is clothing on a motorcycle. A leather vest is worthless when you go down. You need arm and leg protection when you meet the blacktop at 50 mph. You can say “oh I am a safe driver, so I don’t need protection.” When a motorcycle hits a ditch, bridge, car or truck, you’re the loser because you don’t have a seat belt or airbag. I speak from 30 years and more than 100,000 miles of motorcycling and experienced two crashes. 

The first accident I had a helmet, but no arm protection and lost a lot of skin sliding down the road. After that, I never cycled unless I had a leather jacket, leather gloves and good boots. I also had an abrasion resistant jacket that let the air flow through in hot weather. 

My second accident involved a deer hitting me, not the motorcycle. As I made contact with the road and rolled to a stop, I ended up with several broken bones and a helicopter ride to La Crosse. The helmet and all the leather saved my life. 

At age 73, I sold the motorcycle. 

I am 84 and still enjoying life.

The best place for this information would be in a tavern, on the wall, above the urinal.

Bob Scharlau,



To the Editor:

Protecting Biden While Persecuting Trump = Civil War.

Our great nation is extreme peril at the hands of the Democrats Liberal Left and their tyrannical government tearing away at our civil liberties and constitutional rights! The fabric of our country and its values along with our sovereignty has already been shredded. By weaponizing federal agencies and ramming mandates up our butts they’ve made the USA unrecognizable as a free and prosperous nation. We look more like China and Russia every day. A police state where citizens are spied on, intimidated, and jailed if they don’t agree with Biden policies.

Meanwhile Biden is the most corrupt president in history with mountains of evidence regarding his influence peddling and bribery around the world over decades and getting very rich in the process. Astonishingly there have been no charges brought. But you will still not hear this from the Evil Media. They bought into the new regime hook, line, and sinker because of Trump hatred. Just look how they misled the American people by attacking and slandering Trump on a daily basis for years, while giving Shady a free pass, which definitely skewed the last election. Last week the media spent 162 mins on Trump and 8 mins on Shady.

And yet 91 felonies in 4 separate cases have been charged to Trump. One case along with 18 others all to be tried at the same time in a Fulton County courthouse. Yes, that’s right, a small county DA who ran on ‘getting Trump’ is trying to make a name for herself, has successfully brought charges against a former president! And she’s going to try them al at once on March 4th the day before super-Tuesday election. So is this our new justice system or is this politically motivated?

Now Trump has been arrested and mugshot taken. The dems are giddy and laughing and campaigning off it. They’re proud as hell of this even though the charges are flimsy and twisted to suit their agenda of Trump persecution. Their election interference is blatantly obvious along with the DOJ. I predict that the mugshot will become a rally cry for his supporters and supporters of democracy and the Constitution. If Trump is convicted it could trigger a civil war.

It’s now alleged that Shady used secret alias emails accounts containing 5,400+ emails as VP. National Archives has had these for four years and refuse to turn them over to House investigators because Obama and Hillary did the same thing. Why are our federal agencies, paid for with tax-payer dollars, bending over backwards and ignoring laws to hide all this information? Because Shady Joe Biden is Guilty as hell and they have been complicit from day one. 

It boils down to Trump Derangement Syndrome that there is apparently no cure for. Fortunately people are starting to see through all the bull and believe that Shady should be impeached ASAP!

Help! The more voices the louder the truth

Tom Stoner,



To the Editor:

As of June 20, 2023, the small town of Brookfield, Ma. has to endure drag shows for children. Performers say the Constitution gives them the right. They are backed by the ACLU. Children have been given stickers saying “Drag Queen in Training.” 

Drag Queens visit public libraries. The “drag kid” phenomenon is so mainstream that “Good Morning, America” and Discovery Networks promote it. “All-ages drag shows now bring in the next generation right into the gay bars where it all began,” quotes First Things, Feb., 2023. 

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had her dream come true in 2020 when she was chosen to be a drag race celebrity judge. Nancy Pelosi has made two appearances on Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars, first in 2018 and again in 2022, when there were constant lewd jokes. Vice President Kamala Harris appeared onstage with drag race winner Symone during a capital Pride event. Shangela attended an event at the vice president’s official residence in drag. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand stopped twice at the Des Moines, Iowa, gay bar, the Blazing Saddle, where she swapped dresses with drag queen Vana. These three women, representing the USA have been quoted as saying that drag queens are role models. But as Congressman Derrick Van Orden stated in his current newsletter, “I didn’t endure six months of Navy SEAL and Underwater demolition training to allow drag queens to ‘entertain our troops.’” 

The changes in gendered language have occurred quickly and are politically motivated. We have lost the words “man”, “boy” and “he.” Drag’s aim is to mock and even destroy masculinity. “Tucking” – the practice of taping back one’s genitalia to give the appearance of female genitalia – has always been a core practice. 

The scoring system on RuPaul’s Drag Race is based on “charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent,” chosen for their usefulness as an acronym. Now, the transgender people have entered the scene.

Drag activities destroy masculinity. What little boy wants to grow up to be a man when he watches TV? He sees that women are the boss and the leader of the family, make all the major decisions and have the family money. Small children read the Berenstain Bears series, where the mother takes her brood to the library, the store, the post office, etc. The father bumbles along behind, doing nothing. 

Those of us who still remember right from wrong should not be content to accept this culture. We should fight it with every fiber of our being. Take your voice to the polls.

Deanne Sczepanski,



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