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Two Years (And Some Change)

Two years ago, I took a job as a reporter for the Trempealeau County Times newspaper, a publication I hadn’t ever heard of.

It has led me to some of the most rewarding, intense and entertaining stories I’ve written in my career.

I officially passed the two-year mark as an employee here at the Times, and it’s been a very enjoyable experience.

While some stories have been hard to track down or caused an unbelievable amount of stress or blowback, I am proud to work here.

I think our work at the Times punches above our weight class as a weekly newspaper in 2023 as communities across America lose such publications every year.

I am proud to work where I do, and I think the community should take advantage of their local news resource that most communities their size simply don’t have consistent access to anymore.

Maybe I am a little biased, but the work that we do as journalists every day is important, especially now.

These last few years have been so much fun for me, and I continue to enjoy the work that keeps me plenty busy.

I will continue to share stories that may otherwise go untold and highlight the issues, achievements and happenings of county residents.

Some stories are going to be about bad news or unfortunate events. Occasionally they will be about mistakes people make, arguments that take place in local government or how a policy change might negatively impact people.

There are stories I have written that I know have upset some people in my time here, but I hope there are also others that have made you smile or kept you informed on a local issue.

I look forward to continue digging and immersing myself in our communities as I seek to share more news and stories — hopefully more good than bad — that people should know about.

These last two years have brought some incredible memories, and I can’t wait to see what’s to come here in the future.

Thank you for allowing me to continue sharing your stories, and thank you for reading our paper. 

Cheers to year three.

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