Shramek throws no-hitter, Wildcats split two games

Zero. Zilch. Notta. A donut.

Call it what you like, Tavian Shramek—the Blair-Taylor pitcher threw a no-hitter in a lopsided conference win over Melrose-Mindoro on Tuesday in a week that saw the Wildcats also fall to Pepin/Alma on Friday.

The Wildcats (4-12 this season, 4-9 Dairyland Conference) were set to visit Augusta on Monday before traveling to Whitehall for a doubleheader on Thursday. They close the week against Cochrane-Fountain City at home on Friday.

B-T 12 Mel-Min 0

Shramek delivered seven strikeouts and two walks for Blair-Taylor on Tuesday to give the Wildcats their first no-hitter this season.

Cain Fremstad added a home run on a two-for-four day at the plate, and Jackson Shramek added a pair of hits and four RBI.

Eli Swenson and Ryan Flynn both had two hits, too.

Pepin/Alma 8 B-T 0

The Wildcats saw plenty more offense on Friday, as Pepin/Alma racked up three runs in the first inning before fluffing up their advantage later in the game.

Blair-Taylor was held to two hits in the game, as Jackson Shramek and Swenson both contributed one. Swenson and Anthony Oldendorf split pitching duties, allowed nine hits and three earned runs.

Swenson threw two strikeouts and two walks.

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